Asus Mx279h

Asus has been in business with all kinds of new gadgets, and the Asus mx279h 27-inch screen led-lit monitor is just another bright example that they can do monitors as well. With that in mind, here is a short review taking its best aspects into consideration.


Design and Features

Asus Mx279h

When it comes to design, it must be said that this Asus model really does the job. With a metallic grayish frame, the whole thing fits perfectly in most rooms, and you will hardly find it intrusive in any way. The size is 27 inches, which is more than enough to see anything you might want to see, with vibrant colors and swift refresh rate. On the visual and audio side the Asus mx279h 27-inch screen led-lit monitor really does a great job, especially with its great built-in speakers. A sturdy design and good picture is pretty much everything that a monitor needs.

On the functional side, there are a few intriguing things, which you can take a look at as well. For instance, the control buttons for tinkering with configurations on the monitor are neatly tucked underneath. Not only are they hard to see but they are extremely easily pressed, so this makes them pretty convenient. A week part on account of the monitor comes in the face of connectivity. There are only VGA and HDMI ports, with the option of DVI through a separate cable, but no USBs.


Negative Aspects

Even though the monitor in general is a great addition to every home, it can easily be said that there are some pesky negative sides to look at:

•    There are cheaper models out there, which will offer the same quality of imagery, even if they are not as sturdy and durable.

•    The lack of USB’s can once again be defeated by other models out there, so you should keep this in mind.

•    The resolution of 1920 by 1080 might be great and full HD, but keep in mind that there are pricier models, which can look much better with a better resolution.


Positive Aspects

Naturally, the Asus mx279h 27-inch screen led-lit monitor offers a great many things, which you will be able to enjoy as well:Asus Mx279h 27-Inch

•    The price is just about right, and the quality is pretty much pristine for the money, even if others can do a bit better.

•    The warranty and sturdiness of the design can ensure that you will be spending a lot of time with this monitor.

•    The control buttons are sensitive and durable.

•    The sound for such a model is really great, and you could easily use the speakers to your advantage.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is yet another essential thing, which you should take into consideration before buying any model. Here are the most popular views:

•    8/10 people found that the price of the monitor is just about right for their needs.

•    5/10 people found that the lack of USBs is troubling, provided that there are other models, which offer more for a very slightly higher price.

•    9/10 people found the LED backlight extremely functional and without any gaps allowing for glares to protrude and ruin the effects of the laptop.

•    4/10 people found that the low resolution can be problematic for most people, with this kind of size for the monitor.

•    8/10 people found that the monitor has extremely vibrant colors and everything, be it movies, games, or pictures, sits very well on it.

•    7/10 found the overall additional features like the speakers and buttons extremely functional and easy to work with.

•    10/10 people said that the design is extremely slick and beautiful, and this makes the monitor one of the most desired pieces in terms of visuals on the market right now.

The majority of the reviews by customers are positive, even if there are some noticeable negatives.



Bottom Line

Overall, the Asus mx279h 27-inch screen led-lit monitor is a great idea for anyone looking for a budget monitor. Even if you can find something better, chances are that the design will captivate you with complete ease.

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Asus Mx279h
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