AOC e2752She Class LED

Although AOC might not ring you any bells at the moment, you should know about their 27 inch monitor, AOC e2752She, which is designed to compete with high-end monitors while having an affordable price. If you are interested in buying something with a good price to quality ratio, you should take a look at this product, even if it has a few minor flaws.

Design and features

AOC e2752She Front

The AOC e2752She has a rather simple, yet elegant design. With a screen size of 27 inches, it has a suited bezel that will not get in your way too much. The pedestal of it allows you to tilt the monitor in order to adjust its position, but it does not give you the possibility to rotate it. The large screen is backed up by a 1920×1080 resolution so you can enjoy movies and games without any problems at all. Moreover, if you want to take part in fast-paced action, you will be pleasantly surprised by the 2ms response time.

The AOC e2752She has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M to 1 and it features an analog RGB signal designed for true color reproduction. However, there is also the possibility to connect two HDMI devices to the monitor. Although the monitor does not feature speakers, it still has a 3.5mm connection port for headphones, so you can still enjoy sound effects. 14 languages are available within the settings of the monitor so even foreign users can easily set up their device in a friendly environment. Also, the monitor is compliant with the Energy Star requirements, making it a ‘green’ monitor.

Negative aspects

It is rather unlikely to find a product on the market that does not have any flaws at all. This is why we also present some of the minor defects that this product has. There are not too many so you will not be disappointed:

• Some monitors do not have the stand screws properly cut inside the pedestal, so the monitor might be tilted to one side by one or two millimeters.

• If you do not properly set up the monitor’s graphical settings, you might not experience a high quality image.

• Sometimes, monitors of the same kind do not have matching color profiles.

Positive aspects

AOC e2752She Side Wiew

Even if the AOC e2752She might have a few problems, it also has much greater advantages that you will surely enjoy. Some of them are these:

• You can connect the monitor to two computers at the same time and you can simply change the input when you want to switch from one to the other.

• The size of the monitor is extremely suited for Windows 8 users who have a lot of panels on their screen.

• Although it does not seem, the plastic material of the stand is quite sturdy and the monitor is held well by it.

Customer reviews

AOC e2752She Main

Even if you have read the positive and negative aspects of the AOC e2752She monitor, it is more important to read opinions provided by customers. Although there are mixed reviews sometimes, it is much better to know exactly how the monitor works in someone’s house or office:

• 8 out of 10 users compliment the software designed for color and picture adjustment of the monitor, which makes it easy to quickly adjust just about everything.

• 4 out of 10 users report dark spots in various corners of the screen, while others experience dead pixels in the same areas.

• 7 out of 10 users enjoy playing racing and FPS games on the monitor with no blurring or other issues.

• 3 out of 10 users complain that it is rather difficult to match the color profile of two identical monitors placed side by side.

• 6 out of 10 users find it suited for dimly lit environments.


Final thoughts

AOC e2752She Back

If you want to purchase the AOC e2752She monitor, you should know that for the price you pay, the quality is really good. If you’ve read through the entire article, you might have spotted a few issues that the monitor has, but there are greater advantages that can give you the needed boost towards a smooth gameplay. If this is not your kind, then Full HD movies should be suited for you.

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