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Asus cares about its customers and this is why if you are an active graphics developer who needs a quality environment to work in, Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor is a good solution for your needs. With only a few minuses, this monitor can be a great addition to your creativity corner of the office.

Design and features

Asus pb278q MainAsus did not only create a good-looking product, but also a really functional one, as the Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor has a lot of top quality features that are suited for any graphics developer and even for avid gamers or for movie lovers. The pedestal of the monitor has been designed to be vertically adjustable and the monitor’s screen can also be tilted to accommodate the user’s needs. A great thing related to the monitor is its resolution, which for a 27 inch monitor is perfect: 2560×1440 pixels await your graphic development skills.

The combination of QuickFit technology and OSD controls allows you to quickly display on screen any layout format from the monitor’s database. As graphic development is a task that requires precision, the sRGB mode for color reproduction found in the Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor allows users to have a 100% correct experience when working with colors. HDMI, DVI and DualLink are all provided in order for each user to benefit from the suited connection type. The incorporated speakers develop 3 watts each and they are enough as long as a large room is not their target.

Negative aspects

There are always flaws when it comes to products and even the best ones have a few. This monitor has a few problems, but they are not something crucial, depending on each user’s opinion:

• The stand might pose a few problems during its set-up phase, as there might be issues with the screws that have been provided in the package.

• Some buttons of the monitor are rather fragile and they can wear off.

• The position of the connection ports in the back of the monitor leaves little room for movement and managing cables might be tricky.

Positive aspects

Asus pb278q Professional Side ViewThe positive aspects of the Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor are far superior to its issues. You can read on to find out which are the most important positive things about the monitor:

• The wide viewing angle of the monitor, 178/178, combined with the free movement of the screen on the stand make it extremely flexible for multiple uses.

• The Spyder Pro calibration feature is designed to properly optimize the colors of the monitor so you can experience a fully correct color spectrum.

• The features of the monitor are almost on par with high-end monitors that cost up to thousands of dollars each.

Customer opinions

When it comes to the Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor, the most important opinions are those that come from customers. They have a first-hand experience with the product and they are entitled to share their thoughts, as you can read on below.

• 9 out of 10 users find the stand extremely useful, as the monitor can be freely moved and its position can be adjusted for any task that might be done.

• 3 out of 10 users experienced dead pixels on the screen after several months of use.

• 8 out of 10 users find the high resolution a great contender to the high-end 4K monitors which are too expensive, currently.

• 4 out of 10 users complain that some of the hardware buttons of the monitor fail after being used for a while.

• 7 out of 10 users find the 5ms response rate really good when it comes to action or racing games that have a lot of movement on screen.


Final thoughts

Asus pb278q HDMI

If you are in the look of a high quality monitor, then Asus pb278q 27-inch wqhd led-lit pls professional graphics monitor can be the answer to your needs. Moreover, even if you are not a graphic developer that needs 100% color precision, you can still use this monitor on many occasions and experience a top image quality, given the large resolution and huge screen combination.

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Asus pb278q
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