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Dell have been a huge name in the computer industry for quite a while, particularly with laptops and sturdy monitors like the dell s2740l 27-inch full hd monitor with led. What has made Dell monitors popular in the past is the clearness of their screens, and their great durability. But has this model made the cut, and how good is it in today’s competitive market? In the next few lines we will try to find out exactly this.

Design and Features

Dell S2740lThe monitor is a classy 1920 by 1080 powerhouse, which implements a glossy edge-to-edge protector glass, which does its job pretty well. The cabinet is matte black, and could be called “fat” by many, because it reaches up to 1.5” in thickness. However, at the screen perimeter, it zooms back to a cozy and neat-looking 0.7”.  Thanks to the glossy glass, you receive a vibrant picture, which makes the monitor all the more visually pleasing. The logo and buttons are neatly placed, with the power LED being the only visual distraction, which can cause you trouble at night. In terms of design, the monitor is really worth it.
When it comes to connectivity, the dell s2740l 27-inch full hd monitor with led offers a lot. What you get for its price, are DVI, HDMI and VGA video inputs, an audio line-in jack, one upstream USB port and two USB 2.0 downstream ports. If you are looking for ports, you will rarely need anything else. Forward and backward adjustability for the monitor are completely supported, and the framing is heavy and steady. The onscreen menus are among the best you will encounter in a monitor for such a price – fluid and vibrant, with many options, which you can tinker with.


Negative Aspects

Just like any other machine, this model by dell has its cons, which need to be addressed. The most evident among them are:
•    Reflective Screen – The screen, albeit vibrant, can cause you some visual disturbances on a sunny day. This is why it is good to situate the monitor in an area without direct light.
•    USB Reachability – The USB ports are really need and don’t give trouble, but they are hard to reach, which makes everything a burden.
•    1 Year Warranty – Probably the worst thing on the list. Even though the monitor is sturdy and does not have notable glitches, the 1-year warranty offers a very short time span for action.


Positive AspectsDell S2740l 27-Inch

Despite some negatives on the side, there are many pros, which you can refer to:
•    The Design – The design is extremely sleek, and can fit into pretty much every room without being intrusive.
•    Great Visuals – The colors and the vibrancy of the image are very well above average. Everything (when not in direct sunlight) is seen clearly, and offers a comfortable viewer experience.
•    Efficiency – The monitor is extremely energy efficient. For those, looking for a model with a nice price, which also saves on the energy bills, this is a pretty good choice.


Customer Feedback

The customer feedback for the dell s2740l 27-inch full hd monitor with led is generally positive, even if you find some people who are not too satisfied with it.
•    8/10 people found the display to be truly vibrant and a pleasure to look at in all occasions, be it gaming, work, or movies.
•    9/10 people found that the glossy display, contrary to other models, actually offers a more realistic picture and behaves well in weak sunlight.
•    3/10 people discovered that a ¼” gap between the body and the screen creates internal reflections, which can be easily distracting.
•    2/10 people found that the connectors (especially usb) were hard to reach and caused a mess of cables tangling up behind the monitor.
•    7/10 people found the price to be really low for a monitor of such high quality.


Overall Thoughts

Dell S2740l 27-Inch full

In general, the s2740l is a remarkable monitor for a great price. If you value good design and an almost perfect picture, this is the thing you should be going after. All the negative aspects are more like minor inconveniences than real problems, which should stop you from buying the model.

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Dell S2740l Full HD
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