Hannspree HL272HPB

The HL272HPB provides crisp pictures at a reasonable price. Users can recommend them and a few are complaining about the base. Excellent choice for gamers as well as common users.

Design and Features

Source: Hannspree.eu

The Hannspree HL272HPB Monitor has several wonderful features and an excellent design to it. The design of the monitor allows for it to be very light in weigh and farely easy to move. The monitor has a LED backlight with an astounding response time of only two milliseconds. The Hannspree HL272HPB monitor also has an anti-glare screen making it easier to view documents when direct light hits it. The Hannspree monitor also comes with a wall mount that also allows for the monitor to tilt fifteen degrees. The HL272HPB monitor comes with inputs for HDMI, VGA, and DVI as well. The monitor itself comes with built-in speakers that are perfect for audio and watching videos. The computer itself is programmed with Windows 7, allowing it to be up-to-date. The Energy Label is Class A with an Energy Star (power saving) rate of an incredible 5.2. The Hannspree HL272HPB features over 16.7 million colors, making it perfect for photo and video reproduction. The 27-inch, wide screen monitor is perfect for viewing pictures and videos, and also allows for easier reading. This particular monitor also has a resolution of 1920×1080 which produces an exceptional image.

Negative Aspects

Like every product, the Hannspree HL272HPB has also negative aspects. The base that comes with the monitor is not as sturdy as it should be, making it quite flimsy under the monitor. The monitors’ manual also does not explain how to attach the monitor to the base, which makes it difficult for the purchaser to figure out. The built-in speakers on the monitor are not as loud as they should be. The purchasing of regular computer speakers may be necessary in order to hear the sound properly. However, most of the negative aspects concern the base of the monitor and not the actual monitor itself.

Positive Aspects

The Hannspree HL272HPB monitor has several wonderful aspects to take into consideration as well. The monitor is big enough and perfect for viewing all types of documents. The screen produces a sharp, crisp image that has excellent quality. The screen is also anti-glare so it can be placed in direct light and still produce a wonderful image. The response time is two milliseconds, which makes it an excellent monitor for “gamers,” to use. The LED light also offers just the right amount of brightness. The best part about this monitor is the fact that it is very affordable, even with all these wonderful features.

Source: Hannspree.eu

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback offers insight as to what the product is actually consists of and whether it works properly or not. Customer feedback can often be the main factor in deciding whether or not a product is worth buying. The Hannspree HL272HPB monitor has mostly positive feedback from its’ customers.

    • 1 out of 10 customers agreed that the base was too flimsy and is not easy to attach to the monitor.
    • 3 out of 10 customers stated that the Hannspree HL272HPB is a great monitor at an even greater price.
    • 6 out of 10 customers agreed that the monitor offered a sharp, crisp image with exceptional quality. Four of these twenty customers love that the monitor offers a response rate of two milliseconds.
    • Quite a few customers also complained that the stickers on the monitor are not appealing and should not have been placed on there.

Customers also agreed that there was no glare on the screen when light hit it directly, unlike most other monitors. Several people stated that the Hannspree HL272HPB monitor surpassed their expectations and that they would definitely recommend it to other people.

Final Thoughts

The Hannspree HL272HPB monitor would be an excellent purchase whether you need it for every day use or only use it every once in a while. Most of the complaints have been about the base of the monitor and not the actual monitor itself. The base has been said to be flimsy and not very appealing to the eye. Along with that, there has been complaints that the computer manual does not come with instructions on how to attach the base to the monitor. The only other complaint this monitor has is that the built-in speakers are not quite loud enough so the purchase of regular speakers might also be necessary; something that shouldn’t disturb the common user. Other than that, this Hannspree monitor appears to be picture perfect. The LED backlight allows for a perfectly lit screen and the response rate is an astounding two milliseconds (2 ms). This monitor also comes equipped with an anti-glare screen that eliminates any type of glare when light hits it directly. The Hannspree HL272HPB monitor comes with superb features, and to top it off, the monitor is actually very affordable. Customers are definitely getting more for their money with this 27-inch Hannspree HL272HPB monitor.


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