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The hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor is a solution that many will surely prefer if they want a Full HD monitor that has a reasonable price. The profile of this monitor falls into the category of ultra-slim devices and it provides a generous 27” screen. As with any other product, there are a few downsides, as some users complain about the glare of the apparently glossy screen. It seems that the monitor is a better choice for gamers that want to experience a higher quality threshold when they play a game.

Key features

hp 2711x 27-inch ledThe large screen of the hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor is able to easily support the 1920×1080 resolution and provide you a high quality experience. A big role in this is played by the dynamic contrast ratio of the monitor, which goes up to 3,000,000:1 in order to provide an unmatched image quality. The fresh LED backlight technology has been implemented inside this device in order to create more vivid images that seem much more natural. Even at 60Hz, the refresh rate of the monitor, images are still played smoothly.

Viewing angles are quite important to some, so these people will be pleasantly surprised by the 170/160 degree angles that are supported by the monitor. Unlike other monitors that have the same dimensions, hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor manages to remain slim when it comes to its mass, as it only weighs 12.6 pounds. The response time of 5ms is enough not only for movies, but also for games that are played at a fast pace. The HDMI input has now become a standard in the industry and this monitor does not lack such an input connector. The DVI-D and the already classic VGA adapters are also present and they can be used with ease, too.

Negative Aspects

Even if the hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor is overall a good product, it still has a few downsides:

• Some users find it difficult to watch movies in well-lit rooms because the screen has a rather powerful glare.

• The control buttons are placed in an odd location and they are rather stiff, making it difficult to press them without shaking themonitor.

• Very dark images tend to feature a blue hue within the shadows.

• The monitor does not have any USB ports, so connection with such devices is not possible.

Positive Aspects

hp 2711x 27 side viewThere are various positive aspects that the hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor has, the most important ones being:
• The monitor features three inputs, each of them being activated by a switch, so that multiple devices can remain connected, but idle, simultaneously.

• The black and rather thick frame of the monitor gives it a more elegant look on a desk.

• The size of the display and its resolutions are suited for games that tend to have realistic graphics.

• The vibrant colors and the high contrast make the monitor an important part of a photo or video editor’s workplace.

Customer Feedback

Besides technical specifications, there is another important aspect that you must keep in mind when you decide for a purchase. The hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor makes no exception from the rule that relates to customer feedback, as opinions from owners of the device are more important than the feature list.

• 9 out of 10 people consider that the monitor is worth the money, although there is the chance to grab a discount from time to time.

• 4 out of 10 people advise customers to purchase sturdy desks in order to avoid the wobbling effect of the monitor which has a slim base.

• 8 out of 10 people enjoy the quality of Blu-Ray movies that are played in Full HD resolution on this monitor.

• 3 out of 10 people consider that the glossy surface of the monitor itself might make it difficult for users to see details in dark images, especially during photo editing.


Overall Thoughts

hp 2711x27

Although it has a few minor disadvantages, such as the powerful glare, the hp 2711x 27-inch led monitor is still a solid player on the market of LED monitors, thanks to its large display and its Full HD capabilities, which make it a good purchase for those that aim for a good price to quality ratio. If you also manage to find a promotion, the monitor is well worth the new price.

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