HP Envy 27-Inch Ips

HP is ready to hit the market with a new high quality product, the hp envy 27-inch ips monitor. If you are a fan of big screens that are able to provide a top quality image, then this is a monitor that you should have on your desk. Of course, just as any other monitor on the market, it has its flaws, but these are rather minor and they should not make you step back when you think about purchasing this monitor. If you want to be convinced, you can read on and discover the features of the product.

Design and features

HP envy 27-inchThe first thing that you notice when you take a look at the monitor is its size. The 27-inch screen is more than enough whatever your choice would be: you can watch a movie or you can play a game, each of these will become a refreshing experience. The 1920×1080 resolution of the hp envy 27-inch ips monitor makes all details crisp so you do not have to worry about blurry images. Although this monitor is in the mid-price range, it manages to compete with other, more powerful devices, thanks to its IPS technology.

The IPS, or in-plane switching technology, provides images that are more vivid than ever before. The generous viewing angle of 178 degrees ensures you that the images you see will not lose their quality when viewed at an angle. The monitor features a HDMI connection port, but it is also compatible with the old-school VGA connection type. The 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio makes images to look great and the issue of dark areas with low contrast is now long gone. The backlighting of the hp envy 27-inch ips monitor is achieved using mercury-free LED panels. Moreover, most of the monitor is designed to be friendly to the environment.

Negative aspects

There are always flaws in design or in functionality when we talk about monitors and these are the ones that have been most encountered by users:

• The built-in speakers of the monitor are a bit weak in comparison to others, even if they are branded by Beats Audio.

• There are several hidden buttons on the monitor and their proximity sensors are not always responsive when it comes to lighting up the image on each button

• The brightest areas of images are not really responsive to the contrast settings, so shades of white are blending in with each other.

Positive aspects

HP Envy 27-Inch Screen side viewThe hp envy 27-inch ips monitor comes with interesting features that are praised by customers and the most important ones are provided below:

• The design of the monitor is not only elegant, but functional, as the base of it is quite sturdy, even if the monitor is not too heavy.

• Text is much sharper on this monitor, thanks to the resolution, and this makes it convenient for reading as it does not make eyes tired.

• The screen is big enough for the monitor to be placed in larger room and its high viewing angle makes it easy for more people to watch it without any issues at all.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is important, as the end-user is able to discover all the parks and flaws of a product, even if they are not mentioned on the box:

• 9 out of 10 users are pleased with the combination of Full HD resolution and the overall size of the monitor that make images easy to be seen at a distance.

• 4 out of 10 users are pointing out that the monitor’s position can only be adjusted back and forth and not sideways, too.

• 7 out of 10 users consider the Beats Audio a high quality addition to the monitor, which gives them a better hearing experience.

• 8 out of 10 users consider the high saturation levels of colors as a key element of the overall good image quality.

• 3 out of 10 users find the monitor a bit pricy, compared with other competitors on the market.


Final thoughts

HP Envy 27-Inch backside

This brand new monitor from HP does its job really well, even if there are customers who expect more from it. With an elegant design and a high quality screen, the hp envy 27-inch ips monitor manages to combine a minimal design with a high level of functionality, suited not only for gaming, but also for a great movie session.

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HP Envy 27-Inch Ips
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