Samsung T27B300EW

Samsung has produced a variety of technological equipment from mobile devices to cameras, notebooks and TVs and the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor is another one to be added to that list. This monitor has a variety of specifications and features that give it both its positive and negative qualities. In this article we will divulge into those details while also discussing various customer responses so that one may decide if the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor is right for them.


Design and Features



To begin the Samsung T27B300EW monitor has a screen size of 27 inches, the dimensions are calculated at 25.3 inches wide and 18.7 inches high. It stands on an accompanied monitor stand and with it this device weighs in at a little over 12 pounds, one pound lighter without the stand. This device is charcoal gray in color with wall mounting capabilities and a tilt function anywhere up to 20 degrees. When it comes to the type, this is a TN LED type of monitor meaning that it utilizes twisted nematics. TN, or twisted nematics is a common type of technology that provides short response times and when combined with LED otherwise known as light-emitting diode this technology also provides high screen brightness and ultimately utilizes less power. When it comes down to pricing utilizing TN technology is also cheaper to manufacture leading to a lower retail cost.


This monitor has a theater quality sound with a variety of general features. Capable of using Connect Share which is a feature that allows one to access various videos, music play-lists and pictures by remote control this monitor can also possesses EPG, Teletext, caption or subtitles, picture in picture and OSD, or on-screen display in 29 different languages. EPG is an electronic program guide that exists as an interactive program providing individuals with updated broadcast scheduling. While picture-in-picture is a popular feature where one program is displayed on the full screen while another program is displayed on an inset window at the same time.


This monitor has a response time of 5ms and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is a standard for monitor display. The viewing angle, which is the maximum angle a monitor may be viewed without impacting the visual performance lies at a 170 horizontally and 160 vertically. Finally, as far as display is concerned this monitor holds a Mega∞ DCR (Static 1000:1) contract ratio, this specification measures the monitor’s ratio of luminance to darkness generally a high ratio is desired to achieve a clearer picture. When it comes to the interface the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor possess several adapters. However there are three that are widely known and commonly utilized. One D-Sub, which is a common electrical connector. One HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface which is utilized for displaying computer monitors and audio over the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor. One USB or Universal Serial Bus which is standard for electronic devices.

The Negative Attributes

To explore all aspects of this monitor one must also consider some of its negative attributes. One significant issue is that this monitor is a TN LED type which while having its benefits also possesses downfalls. TN technology, experiences a color shift at certain viewing angles and lower end products utilizing twisted nematics, or TN will experience a distorted color that can impact the image quality overall. Also, it is quite common for individuals to utilize the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor as not only a TV but a computer monitor. However the issue that stands with this adaptation is that the monitor has headphones for input but not output so when connected to an individual’s computer one must make use of the built in speakers and there is no built in camera nor microphone which makes online chatting a hassle with this monitor.

The Positive Attributes

In respect to the generally negative aspects of this monitor there are also some positives that should be taken into consideration. One being that due to the general size and specifications of this monitor it is capable of being used as both a PC monitor and a TV monitor. The versatile input also provides a wide range of activates that this monitor can be used for such as gaming, photo viewing, listening to music and watching TV. Finally, this monitor is energy efficient utilizing an internal power this device is rewarded a B in its respective energy efficiency class.


Customer Responses

There aren’t a large amount of customer reviews to be found for the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor, however the ones that are provided are generally positive in nature. One individual who left their review on the Samsung product website recommended the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor rating this product 4 out of 5 in features and design while giving it a 5 out of 5 in performance and 3 out of 5 in general value. Another two buyers from Arukereso ranked this monitor an ideal 5 out of 5 and one stated that the product was, “Good quality, brand-name product I was looking for at a reasonable price.” One who reported their purchase on Skroutz also noted that the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor deserved a 5 out of 5 and goes on to state that this monitor is an excellent choice for children, noting the full HD capabilities, HDMI connector, loud speakers and the response time of 5ms which is useful as a gamer. However the reviewer from Skroutz did happen to state as a negative that this monitor has no adjustable incline which can become a significant issue for those who would attempt to mount this device.


Summarizing the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor

Ultimately the Samsung T27B300EW Monitor comes out to be an adequate purchase for those seeking a monitor in the 25 to 30 inch range. This product is an ideal choice for a TV seeing as this monitor contains particular features such as picture-in-picture, Connect Share and EPG. However this monitor has some less desirable qualities if one plans to utilize it as a large computer screen. Overall if one is looking for a cost effective monitor that will be primarily utilized as a TV screen then this is a great option. Optimal choice for dorm rooms, children and gamers looking for a quality Samsung monitor.


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