ViewSonic VA2746M-LED

If you want a good quality LED Monitor with a big screen, but you do not want to spend a fortune in order to experience these high quality elements, then ViewSonic VA2746M-LED can provide the answer to your needs. Having just a few flaws and a lot of great features, this monitor can surely find its way on your desk.

Design and features

ViewSonic VA2746M Front ViewViewSonic VA2746M-LED has a really sturdy stand so that shaking and wobbling are not issues, even if you are a hard typist kind of person that presses harder on the keyboard. The black finish of the stand and the bezel that has just the right width give the monitor a really elegant look. It can be useful in many situations, even if you need it to enjoy movies in your living room or if you need to hold presentations at your workplace.

The size of the ViewSonic VA2746M-LED monitor is quite impressive and the 27 inch screen makes for a great combination with the 1920×1080 resolution. If you add to that the 3.4ms response time then you know that even fast-paced action scenes in movies and games can be rendered at a high quality, without blurring. The dynamic contrast ratio of this monitor has a value of 20 million to 1 so that you can experience a new level of high quality images, even if you need to distinguish between many shades of dark or bright colors, blacks and whites, to be more specific. It also weighs less than 12 pounds, so it is ideal even on slim surfaces.

Negative aspects

There can always be found some flaws in the production of different objects and this monitor makes no exception. However, there are no things that are too difficult to get past and the monitor can still be enjoyable:

• The monitor does not have a HDMI port, so that extension cables must be purchased separately.

• The stand on which the monitor is placed does not have adjustment features when it comes to rotating and tilting the monitor.

• Dead pixels can become an issue, although most of them are reported around the edges of the screen.

Positive aspects

ViewSonic VA2746M Side ViewThe ViewSonic VA2746M-LED still has a lot of positive aspects and if you want to know which ones are the best, then you should read on and discover them:

• The VESA mounts of the monitor are designed to hold it in place properly so you do not have to worry about accidents.

• The speakers of the monitor are perfect for a small room in which the atmosphere can be more relaxed when watching a movie.

• The display is bright so even if you have to place the monitor in a well-lit room, you can still clearly see what is going on the screen.

Customers review

We always care about what is the customers’ opinion about a product or another and the ViewSonic VA2746M-LED monitor makes no exception. You have read about its ups and downs but it is always important to read an honest opinion of a customer.

• 9 out of 10 customers consider that the price to quality ratio is really good, given the fact that you can grab a discount for the monitor pretty often.

• 4 out of 10 users report dead pixels on the screen, but they usually appear on the edges of the screen, being less intrusive.

• 7 out of 10 users enjoy the high brightness level of the monitor, which makes images more vivid even in a well-lit room.

• 4 out of 10 customers would like to have a HDMI connector for the monitor in order to connect most of the modern devices, such as gaming consoles, to it.

• 5 out of 10 users consider that the speakers are not powerful enough, but they are useful in a more silent environment.


Final thoughts

ViewSonic VA2746M-LED Back View

If you are planning to change your current monitor or TV, then you should definitely check out the ViewSonic VA2746M-LED. If you have a lucky day, you can grab one for a discount. Even if this is not the case, then you can still enjoy high quality, given the fact that this 27 inch monitor is able to process both games and videos in Full HD.

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ViewSonic VA2746M-LED
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